Maternity Moratorium Period 

BUPA has several products and each may have a different moratorium period for maternity. 

You may find out if you are subjected to one from your membership guide 

What is Maternity Moratorium Period?

Here is an overview of what is covered :

When the mother is enrolled, the assigned maternity benefit can be allocated towards the following : 

  • Antenatal care, such as ultrasound scans, NIPT
  • Delivery (Routine/Caesarean)
  • Post-natal care required by the mother immediately following normal childbirth, such as stitches
  • Routine care for the baby in the hospital following birth  Routine care herein excludes medical treatment required by the newborn for a medical condition or symptom.
  • The norm is two days for a routine vaginal birth and three days for a caesarean. The cover can provide up to 7 days provided it is medically necessary. i.e. mother is not ready to be discharged to care for the baby.
  • Treatment required by the mother due to maternity complications will draw down from the higher Annual Limit instead, which is much higher than the maternity benefits. 

The "Newborn Care" benefit

  • This benefit provides for medical treatment the newborn needs against a medical symptom or condition in the first 90 days.
  • The cover is ONLY activated upon enrolment of the newborn within 30 days from birth; ELSE, the infant will not be eligible for this benefit and will only be able to enrol from the 91st day.
  • The newborn care benefit starts from the Birthday of the infant; hence bills dated then on will be eligible for claims assessment.
  • Should you have trouble securing a birth certificate for enrolment within the 1st 30 days, please write to us soonest(within the first 30 days), so we may appeal the case with the insurer.