How should I fill up the health declaration ? 

You should answer the questions truthfully based on your best knowledge of your health in the past 7 years. 

Do I need to go for a medical screening? 

BUPA does not call for medical screening before enrolment.

Am I able to start my cover backdated? 

Usually not, unless it is for a existing BUPA member migrating to onto another plan. The backdating is still subjected to BUPA’s review and approval. 

Will BUPA offer cover for pre-existing conditions ?

Usually not, unless 

  • You have made a full recovery. The condition will not recur and not lead to consequential issues.


  • you have specifically elected the the option to cover for pre-existing condition which is a feature in the BUPA Worldwide Health Option plan. BUPA will assess if they would like to make an offer, and if they do, they usually impose additional premiums to cover for that condition. 

How long will the underwriting takes?

Medical underwriting usually takes 5-10 business days.

If you have opt to cover for pre-existing cover, BUPA will come back to on the offer. 

You will have time to review the offer and upon confirmation, premiums will taken and the cover will start. 

However, be assured there is always a money back guarantee of 30 days after the cover start date. 

What are the potential underwriting outcomes? 

1. If you not elected to cover for pre-existing or cannot so anyway due to the product constraint, the possible permutation are : 

  • The cover may be offered at standard terms (full cover). If you have declared some conditions in your application, BUPA would have considered those conditions as not a risk to them and offered to cover subsequent recurrence in full. 
  • The cover may be offered with exclusion for certain medical conditions. 
  • The application in declined because BUPA is not willing to undertake the risk at all. 

2. If you elected to cover for pre-existing, the possible permutations are : 

  • The cover may be offered at standard terms(full cover) as the pre-existing condition you have declared is not a risk to BUPA. 
  • The cover may be offered with loading (additional charges). The pre-existing conditions will be covered in full. 
  • The cover may be offered with exclusions imposed on the pre-existing conditions as BUPA is not unable to undertake the risk of the pre-existing conditions. 
  • The application in declined because BUPA is not willing to undertake the risk at all. 

What happens if I need medical attention meanwhile? 

You would have to pay first and seek reimbursement from BUPA later. 

When the underwriters has reviewed your enrolment, they will usually start the membership from the date you selected (even if it is in the past). From our experience, if the benefits you have applied for does provide for the treatment, and the treatment is a not for a pre-existing condition before your enrolment, BUPA should reimburse for the treatment. 

Are all the benefits listed available to me from cover start date?

No, some benefits are imposed with a waiting period. A waiting period is the period of time the member has to enrolled for before the benefit is made available. 

Examples of affected benefits are 

  • Maternity benefits : between 10 months to 24 months
  • Full Health Screening : after 12 months
  • Dental : after 6 months

Are able to amend our cover subsequently? 

Yes you may, however amendment request can only be effected on policy anniversary. 

Here is a matrix of what to expect when you amend your cover. 

What if my information on the membership certificate or card is wrong? 

Just notify us via our service email - We will get it rectified right away. 

Would there be a difference if I choose to pay in monthly versus quarterly versus yearly etc? 

You will be happy to know that the premium rates are the same across the premium frequency you choose. 

What the currency exchange rate if I choose to pay in a currency that is different from what my bank deposits are? 

If you choose to pay via 

- Telegraphic transfer : the forex rates is determined by your bank. Do note, for premium payments, memebrs will be expected to bear the charges from the bank for the transfer. 

- Credit card : the forex rates is determined by the bank that issued the card. 

Do I have to bear the telegraphic transfer fees for inward transfer from BUPA for claims reimbursement ? 

No, BUPA will bear the charges in full for channeling the funds in the currency you have chosen. 

example: if your claim is for Singapore Dollar $78 and the bank charges $20 for the telegraphic transfer; BUPA will bear the charges. 

However, BUPA will not bear the losses/charges incurred if you decide to be paid in a currency that is not aligned with the bank account you have elected. 

example: Your bank account is denominated in Singapore Dollar, and the bank impose a 3% charge on all foreign currency inward remittance. You have asked to be reimbursed in US dollar for a claim you have filed, hence the bank takes a 3% fee for the inward USD remittance.