The easiest way is to direct the bills to BUPA directly. 

If you not visited and doctor and would like to know how to do so, please refer to this article

For some reasons it did not happen that way and you had already paid for the bills. 

Here are the avenues to get reimbursed. 

1. Filing the bills online via Membersworld Portal

Membersworld is an exclusive secure portal for BUPA members. 

  • No paper documents to fill up. 
  • Upload images of your receipts
  • File your claims online and and track the progress anytime. 

2. Filing claims manually (Through forms and email)

You may send your claim forms and copies of your receipts to our email

We need only the scanned copies of the documents at this juncture. 

Important tips

  • Safe keep your original invoices/bills - While BUPA may not require you to provide the original bills to file the claims, they reserve the right to examine the actual documents before concluding the assessment. This seldom happens but there is no harm to be on the conservative side. 
  • Documents in foreign language - BUPA claims team is able to secure translation for most major languages. 
  • Claims frequently get delayed because the claims assessor do not know the diagnosis for the treatment that has taken plan. If you are filing your claims on paper, please do write the known diagnosis on Section 2 of the claim form. If you are filing online, please do enter the diagnosis when you are filing the claims. 
  • What if there isn't any firm diagnosis yet? In this case, do put in the intent of the treatment. i.e. X-Ray to rule out fracture.