BUPA's listing of Panel Doctors is updated constantly. You may review listing at BUPA's Facility Finder website.

If you need help, here is an instructional video on how to use the website.

Important Tips

  • If you need treatment from a family doctor in Singapore. All Raffles Medical Clinics are included in the network providers. All you need is to show up and flash your BUPA Membership cards. Here is a listing of the clinics.
  • If you the doctor you prefer is not on the list, you will be happy to know that you can get BUPA a letter of Pre-authorisation. It is an assurance from BUPA to your doctor that they will be paid, and they should direct the bills to BUPA directly. Here is more information about Pre-Authorisation.
  • BUPA Global's cover does not restrict you to this specific panel of doctors. The panel listing of doctors are merely a listing of doctors who has a agreement with BUPA to direct your treatment bills to BUPA directly. You will still be able visit licensed medical provider and seek reimbursement later.