If your cover includes maternity benefits and you served the waiting period for the benefit.

Under the "Maternity Cover/Childbirth" benefit, the newborn is entitled to 7 days of routine care. 

The limit is capped as per your maternity cover benefit (i.e. Company Gold membership - USD12,250)

Any non-routine care or treatment required by the newborn in the 1st 90 days can be filed under the "Newborn Care" benefit. 

However the "Newborn care" benefit is only available after the newborn is enrolled into the cover. 

The member may enrol the newborn as soon as the birth certificate is available and the cover will commence from the newborn's birth date. 

So if you paid for any bills, you may then file the bills for claims assessment after the enrolment is confirmed. 

Note - The "newborn care" benefit elapsed after the 1st 90 days. 

Thereafter, BUPA reserves the right to review the health status of the newborn and may at times revise the policy offer.